Board of Directors


President: Joanne Johnson, Newbury, MA 

Brings considerable business, financial planning, budget development/monitoring, and tax preparation expertise and experience to the Board. Retired from Bank of America Joanne is currently a Project Manager for TD Bank. She serves as an Honorary Trustee of Wells College, and a Board member of Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts. Joanne has been an NCS member since 1971.

Vice President: Patricia Levesque, Newburyport, MA

Has a Masters Degree in Human Service Administration, is a registered nurse and brings extensive business and project management experience to the overseeing of NCS internal operations, data base management, grant development, and implementation of the 2010 NCS Long Range Plan. Recent experience has been as product marketing manager for a business unit in 3M that developed home health care software. Patricia has been an NCS member since 1988.

Treasurer: Beth Rogers, Topsfield, MA 

Has a BA in Economics and worked in the business world for 35 years. She brings considerable business and financial experience to the Board.  For the past 12 years, Beth has been a Certified Financial Planner, and is now a partner in a CPA practice specializing in tax planning. She served on the Topsfield School Committee for six years, and two as chairman. Beth has been an NCS member since 2002.

Secretary: Sandra Starr, Georgetown, MA

Has a BS in Elementary Education. She brings management and technical experience to the role of NCS recording secretary. As the retired Director of a Municipal Department in the public health field Sandy’s responsibilities included secretary for the board, recording, transcribing, and directing all activities in the health department.  She has created quality system manuals, and been a software technical writer. Sandy has been an NCS member since 1982.

Sponsorship Director: Winnie Martin, Rowley, MA

Has a BS in Health Care Administration and bringing extensive historical experience in the management of sponsorship database and mailings. She has been a Staff Nurse, Nurse Manager and Supervisor, and a Nurse Educator. Winnie currently is involved in the Assisted Living Federation of Massachusetts as an educator and consultant. Winnie has been an NCS member since 1976.

Development Director: Penny Lazarus, Newburyport, MA

Has a MA in Education & Music and coursework completed for a doctorate in the Philosophy of the Arts from the University of Pittsburgh. She has also been an Adjunct Professor of the Arts at Carnegie Mellon University and has taught music to all age groups. She was recently awarded the Ed Molin Award for Exceptional Volunteer Teaching and works with piano students from 13 Essex County communities. As a longtime resident of the area, she is well connected in the community with an extensive network of business leaders and individuals. Penny has been an NCS member since 2000.

Concert Manager: Jennifer DeArmond, Newbury, MA

Has a BS in History from Northwestern University and is currently employed by SAS Institute, Inc. as an Office Administrator in their Retail Professional Services Vertical. She brings extensive experience in business operations to NCS.  Jennifer has been a member of NCS since 1994.

Membership Director: Ray Wilson, Exeter, NH

Employed by Gleason/Ineson Stone Suppliers, Inc., Ray brings business experience to the Board as a professional construction estimator for thirty years, including applying his experience in the use of Excel for database management. Ray has been a Section Leader for the Bass section and a member of NCS since 1987.

Media/Publicity Director: Dr. Mary Ann Lachat, Exeter, NH

Brings organizational development, management, and grant writing expertise to the NCS Board. She has a doctorate in education from Columbia University and was the Founder and President of the Center for Resource Management, Inc., (CRM) which provided professional development and technology services to school districts across the nation. Mary Ann served on the Board for 9 years and has been a member of NCS since 1988.

Fundraising Director: Al Cox, Newburyport, MA

Brings extensive business, leadership, management, and community experience to the Board. For the past 35 years he has worked as a technical service representative for both small and privately owned companies and large international corporations, interacting with all levels of management. Has served in a leadership position with the Boy Scouts of America, been a member of the School Advisory Board of the Immaculate Conception School, and volunteered with the International Medical Equipment Collaborative (IMEC) now based in Andover, MA. Al is a member of the Greater Newburyport / Bura Alliance, a Sister Cities organization which supports orphans, schools, and medical clinics in the village of Bura, Kenya. He is a volunteer of the Firehouse Center for the Arts and has been a member of NCS since 2010.

Printing Director: Rick Brown, Newbury, MA

Brings a rich array of experience related to the publishing and music fields, and knowledge of both sacred and secular music. He is a graduate of Gordon College with a BA in Biblical Studies and has worked at Christian Book Distributors (CBD) for 26 years, holding two key positions in the company: VP, Senior Buyer at CBD and Publisher of Hendrickson Publishers. Has served in leadership capacities at All Saints’ Anglican Church where he plays the trumpet and has been a member for 20 years. Rick also plays jazz trumpet whenever the opportunity arises. One of his daughters has sung with NCS since she was 13 and he has been a member of NCS since 2007.

Community Outreach: Ellie Cutler, Newburyport, MA

Has a Bachelor of Music degree in voice and violin from Utah State University, and has extensive performing and teaching experience.  She also brings business and technology expertise to the Board having spent the past twenty years in high tech publishing, working in software documentation, web management, online marketing, and digital books.  Ellie has been a member of NCS since 1991.

Logistics Director: Ralph Johnson, Newbury, MA

Is President and Treasurer of Pert Lowell Company, Inc., a marine equipment manufacturer. Brings business and financial planning experience to the Board, and serves on NCS financial and music committees. He has served on the Board as Treasurer (12 years), President (2 terms), Vice President, and Historian for 13 years. Ralph has been a member of NCS since 1969.

Member-At-Large: Sandra Northrop, Salisbury, MA

Sandy has a BA in Music Education, piano and voice, from Capital University, Columbus, Ohio as well as a certificate in Piano Technology from North Bennet Street School.  She brings extensive experience in the music field to the Board. She taught public school music, private piano lessons and conducted children’s choirs for operas, theater and musicals. She has belonged to diverse choral groups and presently, she is a piano technician and teacher. Sandy has been a member of NCS since 2010.