Op4G (Opinion for Good)

Op4G (Opinions for Good)

NCS’s has joined with Op4G (Opinions for Good), a private member-based market research company in New Hampshire. Op4G partners with nonprofit organizations to create a very select and specific database. They make it possible for people to earn money for themselves and their favorite Non-Profits by participating in internet-based market research anonymously at a afe and secure website. Your identity is never known and will never be sold. Plus, all research activities are determined by you at the myOp4G website, which is filled with a variety of fun information and activities.”

Everyone, is eligible to sign up – so please share this great opportunity with your friends, family, and colleagues!  We hope you consider becoming a Member of Op4G and selecting NCS as your supported Non-Profit!


  • Op4G members will be paid for participating in market research monthly
  • Just by signing up, new Members give NCS the opportunity to earn additional funding

How to get started:

  • Visit  Op4G
  • Choose NCS as your supported Non-Profit
  • Complete the short demographic questionnaire (your information will always be kept private and secure by Op4G). You will receive a confirmation link and all communication will be via email and internet
  • Complete a survey or participate in a focus group and both you and NCS will be reimbursed

What could be simpler, than taking a few minutes of your time to voice your opinion, receive reimbursement and support a great organization. You  have something to gain as well as something to give.