It almost didn’t happen.

Fall 2015

It almost didn’t happen. The piece was stunning but with rhythms that seemed impossible to master, the full choral score was so expensive we had to sing using a score without orchestration, and nothing seemed right at the dress rehearsal before the concert. We wanted to perform well. We wanted to create music with our new conductor Dr. George Case, catch the soaring beauty of Durufle’s Requiem and bring the audience with us into the radiant melodies of this haunting piece.

I’ll never forget what Dr. Case said to the entire chorus of 125 singers the night before the concert. As we entered Belleville Church to take the stage he told us to “trust your preparation … trust yourselves,” speaking to each singer with a thumbs-up, a handshake or a hug. By the time the concert was over the audience had tears in their eyes.

Can you imagine our surprise when NCS was invited to sing the Requiem at Carnegie Music Hall in a festival chorus with singers from around the world? Eighteen singers made the trip in June.

This could never have happened without help from you, our sponsors. How can a community chorus remain passionate about sharing the gift of music with our community and do the hard work of practice if we are constantly worried about fundraising?

Well, we can’t. Your sponsorship makes this happen.

Please continue your sponsorship and celebrate the holidays with us at our winter concerts, December 12 and 13 at the Belleville Congregational Church on High Street in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Your generosity at all levels will be recognized on our website, in our concert programs and in every chorus member’s heart.


Penny Lazarus

Development Director

978.462.4720 or 978.618.4813


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