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NCS Honors our Sponsors: Stone Ridge Properties

For non-profit music arts organizations, ticket sales and membership dues only pay half of the cost of a performance. The other half comes from our loyal business and individual sponsors. In this concert series, we honor Mike Mullins and Stone Ridge Properties, Inc., sponsors of the Newburyport Choral Society (NCS) since 1996. Now one of six joint owners of the company, Mike remains committed to supporting the Newburyport Choral Society as a business sponsor.

Originally from Australia, Mike and his family moved from Minnesota to Newburyport’s South End in 1984. They have been attending concerts ever since and are often joined by Stone Ridge co-owner Tracy Mousseau, agents Cathy Toomey, Jerry Lischke (husband of singer Bette Lischke), and daughter Lela Lischke Wright.

Over the years Mike has attended a lot of NCS programs, and he counts Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana as one of his favorite choral pieces. Mike likes the intimacy and interaction of the conductor, the singers and the audience and is especially impressed with the warmth and sense of humor from our new conductor, George Case.

In fact, Mike rarely agrees to public interviews and would rather stay as low key as possible, letting word-of-mouth tell of Stone Ridge’s reputation. Stone Ridge Properties is the biggest real estate company in the area, and it has always been locally owned and operated as an independent agency. Stone Ridge expanded to include an Amesbury office in 1997, but they have never been interested in a franchise or other joint ventures.

Stone Ridge Properties’ commitment to the Newburyport and Amesbury communities runs as deep as the Merrimac River that fronts the company’s office at One Merrimac Street. As a result, Mike and his team created the Stone Ridge Properties Charitable Foundation to help non-profit organizations like public schools, family services, and the arts. They also help build low-income housing through matching donations. We at NCS are honored to be a recipient of Stone Ridge Properties’ continuing generosity.

Mike’s favorite architectural style house in Newburyport? The grand ship-captains’ Federals on High Street, even though he lives in a restored 1870 colonial home.

By the way, Mike, be sure to check out the prize-winning ad for Aussie Carlton Beer on You Tube featuring none other than, “O Fortuna” from Carmina Burina. It’s my favorite TV commercial of all time!

                                                  Penny Lazarus, NCS Development Director


NCS Honors our Sponsors: Port Paint N’ Paper

For non-profit music arts organizations, ticket sales and membership dues only pay half of the cost of a performance. The other half comes from our loyal business and individual sponsors. Today we honor the Boland Family and their Port Paint N’ Paper home improvement business. For the past 17 years, the Boland family has sponsored the Newburyport Choral Society, regularly attending concerts and counting the chorus as part of what makes the Newburyport area an extraordinary place to live.

Jack Boland is the third generation to own and operate this paint, stain, wallpaper and design company. His grandfather William Boland opened the first paint store, Bolan’s Decorating Center, in Haverhill in 1921! Jack grew up working for his grandfather and his father, Jack Sr., for as long as he can remember; first working crew and then helping when dad took over the Haverhill store in 1953. When it was time to open a second store, Dad asked his then 19-year-old son for help. In fact, Jack Jr. was still in school at the University of Massachusetts (Amherst), majoring in business. Jack Jr. finished college while running Wicked Awesome Wall paper and Paint in Hampton, NH.

Jack Sr. has always liked Newburyport, lifeguarding out on Plum Island when he was a teen and sailing the coastal waters for much of his life. After selling the Haverhill store the family moved to Newburyport, living in and operating Port Paint N’ Paper from the same house that we know today on the corner of Merrimac and Warren Street.

Jack’s mother Jane, a talented pianist, filled their houses with music. Jack would wake up every morning to the sounds of his mother practicing on their baby grand piano. Jack Sr. and Jane still regularly attend the choral society concerts because they know it takes both an audience in the seats and musicians on stage to create a wonderful musical experience.

Jack’s favorite exterior house paint color? We actually both agreed on the historic oranges! Heads up though, the color of the year for 2015 is officially Guiford Green, Benjamin Moore HC-116; “a silvery green that works with everything!”

Thank you, Jack, for creating a place that offers quality service and where you know many of your customers by name and count them as friends. We also thank you for your continuous and long-term sponsorship support of NCS.

If you would like to become a valued sponsor of the Newburyport Choral Society please contact Penny Lazarus, Development Director and NCS Alto 1 at 978-462-4720 or p.lazarus@comcast.net

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