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NCS Welcomes New Singers!

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Find out what it’s like to sing with NCS at our Fall 2019 Registration Rehearsals on Tuesday September 10th, and 17th at the Belleville Church, 300 High St., Newburyport, MA.  Registration starts at 6:30 pm followed by the rehearsal from 7:15-9:30 pm. 

The Newburyport Choral Society, now celebrating our 85th Anniversary year, enthusiastically welcomes new singers to our musical family each season!  Singers range from high school age to adults and the only requirements for membership are a love of singing, commitment to learning the music, and a willingness to support the success of the chorus in any way that you can.

As an active member you will experience—

·        a rewarding atmosphere of creative outlet,

·        an expanding of your musical horizons,

·        the warm camaraderie of our choral community,

·        a sense that you are contributing to the art and culture of the broader community.

As an active member you will experience a rewarding atmosphere of creative outlet, expanding horizons, and warm camaraderie, as well as a sense of cultural and artistic community.  NCS presents two major choral concerts annually in December and May and  a Summer Sing. Participation in our performances will leave you breathless!

The costs of membership include 2 tickets ($40.00), music (variable per semester), and dues:

  • Full Year (under 65) : $150.00
  • Full Year, Senior: $130.00
  • Semester (under 65): $75.00
  • Semester, Senior: $65.00
  • Students: no charge for dues

We are using on-line registration for the current semester (Fall 2019).  Singers who sang in the Spring 2019 semester are receiving emails with a link to their individual account. Please use the link in the email to create login credentials and to register for this semester.

If you are considering joining the Choral Society for the first time, please follow this link to register online with NeonClick here, prior to September 10th.   For a step-by-step guide to on-line registration, download this pdf file. Click here.  For specific renewal instructions for the Winter 2019 season, click here. A companion FAQ can be found here. If you would rather “check us out” before registering, please come to the Registration Rehearsals (September 10 and 17) where you will be welcomed and any questions you have will be answered. You will be able to register on-site at that time.

Please Contact NCS if you have any questions.