NCS Ongoing Fundraisers

Did you know that NCS chorus members’ dues and concert revenues account for less than half of NCS’s operating budget in any given year? In order for us to “balance the books” the chorus depends on individual and corporate sponsorships, as well as concert program ad sales.

In addition, the chorus has established some “ongoing fundraisers” that provide the chorus with a percentage donated to NCS for everyday purchases (such as online shopping or eating out at local restaurants) that you might make anyway. Your participation in these programs, of course, is entirely voluntary, but very much appreciated by NCS.   And if you are not the shopper in your family, please share these programs with whomever does the shopping. Your friends and extended family, regardless of where they might might live, can also participate in these programs and
designate NCS as the benefitting non-profit organization.

On-going fundraising programs

Here are descriptions of our ongoing fundraising programs, and instructions on how to start using them:

 Newburyport VIP Card

As part of NCS’s fund-raising activities, we continue to partner with, encouraging folks to consider purchasing a Newburyport VIP Discount Card in support of The Newburyport Choral Society. provides free advertising for NCS and a $10 donation per order. VIP Card holders receive discounts at 180 Greater Newburyport restaurants and retailers EACH TIME they dine and shop. Purchase one VIP Card for $25 or two for $40, and $10 of your purchase is donated to The Newburyport Choral Society.

Select a Digital VIP Card and receive a login to display your VIP Card on your Apple or Android phone, or select a Physical VIP Card and it will be sent to you via regular mail.

To view discounts, just type “Newburyport” in the App Store or Play Store to download, and select VIP Card Discounts. If you are not an App user, visit the VIP Card Discounts page of

Use the following link to place your order and support NCS.

Join NCS Members in supporting music in our community while enjoying cost saving at local businesses.

Op4G (Opinion for Good)

Opinions for Good – Market Research Surveys

Op4G (Opinions for Good) is a private member-based market research company in New Hampshire. They partner with nonprofit organizations to create a very select and specific database. Op4G makes it possible for people to earn money for themselves and their favorite non-profits by participating in internet-based market research. All surveys are anonymous and are accessed via a safe and secure website. Your identity is never known and will never be sold. You choose which surveys you would like to complete.


  • Op4G members will be paid for participating in market research.
  • Just by signing up, new Op4G Members give NCS the opportunity to earn additional funding.
  • If Op4G has met their selection criteria and you do not get to complete a particular survey, you will still be entered into a monthly drawing of $500 to potentially benefit NCS.

How to get started:

  • Visit op4g. for newburyport choral
  • Click on the Op4G link.
  • Make sure you see Newburyport Choral Society at the top of the registration page.
  • Complete the short demographic questionnaire (your information will always be kept private and secure by Op4G). You will receive a confirmation link and all communication will be via email and internet.
  • Complete a survey or participate in a focus group and both you and NCS will be reimbursed.

Shopping on Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile is a program that provides funding to non-profit organizations based on purchases made at Amazon. 0.5% of purchases will be donated to Newburyport Choral Society.

How to get started:

  • Visit Amazon Smile
  • You will be asked if you have an existing Amazon account. If not, you will want to create one.
  • When prompted, select or enter Newburyport Choral Society as your charity.
  • When you shop, be sure that Amazon Smile is at the upper left corner of the web page and “Newburyport Choral Society” is displayed.
  • Optional: You may receive a follow-up button asking if you want to add an Amazon Smile button for easy access to the site from your browser.

Shopping and Dining Out with eScrip

eScrip is an organization that provides funding to non-profits for a variety of shopping and dining activities.


  • Online shopping at major department stores and over 800 other retailers/brand names (2% to 7% will be donated to NCS depending on the retailer)
  • 1.2% of all Amazon purchases will be donated to NCS.
  • Up to 5% of your tab at participating restaurants will be donated to NCS.

How to get started:

    • Go to and click on “New? Sign up!” in upper right-hand corner of screen
    • Complete registration and enter Newburyport Choral Society as your designated non-profit.
    • Register your credit cards under both the “restaurant” and “online shopping” sections.
    • November Bonus: Sign up for the free eScrip mobile app called “Benefit” on your iPhone or Android devices; to see a video on how the app works, visit   For every 10 people that sign up for the mobile app and make a purchase from the app by November 30th, NCS will get $100.   Purchases made through the “Benefit” app earn 3% to 10% of the purchase price to NCS!  Once you are in the app, just select NCS as your “beneficiary.” 
    • Install the “Forget me not” app on your PC or laptop.
  • Please share these programs with the “shoppers” in your family, and your friends and colleagues.THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!

Limited Time Opportunity-Deadline Fall Semester Each Year

Limited Time Offers:

Skylark Season Tickets

Skylark, singing group where George Case has performed, is offering us season tickets for $95.00 (four North Shore concerts) and will rebate a portion to the Newburyport Choral Society. An on-line form naming the Newburyport Choral Society with the North Shore performances is available here. Anyone using this form will be donating to the choral society. Family and friends welcome. You can also use this link to go directly to the Skylark website for a Newburyport Choral Society specific form.